Help for me (and my SSS)!

Here’s my collection as of Jan 24th 2019! Just thought I’d do this partly for SSS and partly for my own reference! Enjoy!

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I have a bit of stuff in the post atm too!

- Original PokeCen Amphy Clearfile
- Piplup Pokedoll
- Jolteon Trick Pose Plush
- Weird Vinyl Material Teddiursa Plush
- Ampharos Zukan Pieces
- Old 2000 Banpresto Ampharos
- Ampharos and Emboar PokeBox Chinese Bew Year Token thingys (I forgot what the proper name is)

As for wants my major wants atm are...

Please note, these are all full sized version! I DO NOT COLLECT MASCOT VERSIONS OF FULL SIZED PLUSH!

- Phanpy Pokedoll DX and Regular
- Teddiursa Pokedoll (both versions)

- Ampharos Big Banpresto Plush
- Ampharos Awake Kuttari MWT
- Small Ampharos Banpresto
- Ampharos Petite Plush JP version (I have the pastel one)
- Pokemon Time Amphy Charm
- Pokemon Time Teddiursa Plush
- Teddiursa Jakks Plush
- Teddiursa TOMY Fuzzy JP Plush
- Sanei Sandshrew
- Sanei Phanpy
- Teddiursa Banpresto in Blanket Plush
- Teddiursa Sanei Plush
- Taillow Japan Zipper Plush
- Sandshrew Bell Plush
- Marshtomp Moko Moko Sekiguchi
- Milotic PokeBox
- Custom Ampharos Pokedoll
- Custom Heracross Pokedoll
- Custom Prinplup Pokedoll
- Mix Au Lait Jolteon
- Custom Pokemon Time Ampharos
- Custom Pokemon Time Phanpy
- Custom Venonat Pokedoll
- Venonat Fit Plush

I prefer MWT however, if an item is older then I do not mind!

There’s so much more stuff out there it’s crazy, I love everything with these Pokemon on, especially the pieces with unique poses on!

I also collect Gen 2 Pokemon kids! My progress on that collection can be seen above in the pics!

And finally, my major Pokemon grail is a custom Phanpy X Dumbo Plush. I adore the film Dumbo and just think that would be a perfect plush, with a little hat and his little ribbon. Anyway that’s just a dream of mine.

DEAR SSS, see below for a more comprehensive list of my Pokemon that I love!

ISO Some items, UK ONLY

Hi PKMNcollectors!

I’ll be posting a collection update soon (as soon as I get a bookcase)! It’s Easter break for me now so I’m looking for some items with any of these Pokemon on - Ampharos (line), Lucario (and Riolu), Alolan Pix, Latios and Latias!

Thanks! (Just nothing outside the uk)